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Should you try Ammonia-Free Hair Colour?

You might be thinking, why Ammonia-Free colours and how is it different?

We have broken down this question into 4 simple parts.

What is Ammonia?

Ammonia is an ingredient in hair dyes that help in the colouring process by opening the cuticle and swelling the strands so that the colour can penetrate into the hair. When the hair is swollen, it becomes much more absorbent. However, this ingredient may cause skin irritation for some - thus the invention of ammonia-free colouring! In mǐ the salon, we use industry leading products such as INOA, Dialight and Diarichesse from L’Oréal Professionnel to meet your individual needs. These ammonia free hair colours are enriched with oils and delivers the colour to the heart of the hair.

Who is it for?

Ammonia-free hair colours are odourless, creating a unique hair colouring experience that is more gentle for your hair and scalp. This service is great for individuals who are conscious about health and beauty, as well as those with extra sensitive scalp. That said, it is recommended for anyone who wants to achieve healthy, shiny hair with improved comfort!

What colours can i achieve?

Be it simply covering grey hair or keeping up with the latest highlighting trends, our ammonia free hair colouring service gives you high coverage and result that looks bright and luminous. What’s left is beautiful colour that’s vibrant and looks natural. Plus, it leaves hair feeling soft and conditioned with long lasting sublime radiance.

How are the results?

Many worry that Ammonia-Free hair dyes will not be able to produce long-lasting colours and that is not true. With the advanced technology today, there is a beauty breakthrough with Ammonia-Free hair dyes, that produces stunning colours and shine.

With all that has been said, why not choose Ammonia-Free hair colours?

Sit back, experience this luxury hair color and enjoy the salon! Let's cheers and celebrate to healthy, beautiful hair!


mi the salon opening specials

Whole Head Color (Ammonia Free)

Short $138

Medium $158

Long $198

For a limited time only, experience Ammonia-Free hair colors from $138 at mi the salon in ION orchard #03-19. Call 6884 7757 to schedule a free consultation with our experts!

All prices are subjected to 7% GST, applicable to senior stylist.


mi the salon

ION Orchard #03-19

T: 6884 7757


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