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Ymond Chin

leading stylist


Ymond, one of the seniors of mi the salon started out as a hairdresser in 2001, with 16 years of experience. His interest started when he realised that by colouring and creating different looks for his hair, it empowered him and gave him confidence. Hence, he decided that he wanted to translate his “hair confidence” to all of his clients. Ymond loves to create life-changing looks through haircuts and hair colouring. He feels that it is very fulfilling to see someone looking so confident after visiting the salon. Ymond treats every one of this clients as friends and genuinely cares for their every hair concern from scalp to the ends of the hair. One of Ymond’s biggest advice is that he believes that healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp, and scalp care might actually be the saviour to your hair problems!

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