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mǐ the salon

Gary Chew, the founder of mǐ the salon started this brand in reminiscence of his late father. mǐ is derived from the Chinese character 米 which means rice. The name was inspired by the tough jobs that Gary’s father did as a laborer, where he had to carry heavy sacks of rice daily, just to make a living. Having lost his father at a young age, Gary then strived to work hard and make his father proud. Hence, with this inspiration in mind, mǐ the salon was created not simply as a hair salon, but a brand with a deep message that focuses on self-empowerment.


Here at mǐ the salon, we would like to encourage everyone to believe in themselves and to always strive for success and happiness, like how we do to create beautiful hair for you. mǐ the salon is always growing young talents, to support them through their learning processes and to always teach them to aim for self-improvement. We encourage our staff to always improve for themselves and to translate the empowerment to you through your hair. Like how eyes are windows to your soul, your hair is the crown you never take off. Without confidence, life will always be purposeless. We hope we can be a home where we create confidence for you. 


mǐ the salon is a new lifestyle concept salon that not only ties in hair but every aspect of your life. We want to you to feel at home in our salon. With the aim of being the first Ammonia-Free hair salon, we want you to feel the utmost comfort that we can offer. We also present to you the sale of fashion items and lifestyle products for you to bring empowerment back into your home. mǐ the salon cares for your well-being, from the inside out. We want you to feel alive through your hair and share your stories and experiences with us. 


Everyone has a story to tell, be yourself and be free with mǐ the salon. 

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