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Katherine Sia

leading stylist


At a young age, Katherine often did haircuts for her little sister. After years of doing simple haircuts, she sparked an interest in hairdressing and wanted to expand her knowledge and skill sets. She then stepped into the hair industry at the age of 18, and now with 15 years of experience, Katherine has worked hard to become the stylist she is today. Katherine is a sweet and demure lady who makes her customers feel very comfortable around her. She loves to tie fashion with hair and give her customers a complete look. Katherine cares a lot about the hair conditions of her clients. She will always assess her client's hair conditions and strength to see if their hair can withstand chemical treatments and find ways to help clients achieve the hair they want with minimal damage. Katherine loves to combine haircut, hair colouring and hair treatments to help customers to change up their look while having beautiful soft hair. She said, as long as her customers are happy, she will also be contented.

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