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Lilian Yeo

senior stylist


Lilian's passion ignited at a young age when she always visited a salon with her mom. The hairstylist who always did her hair never failed to amaze her with intricate hair cutting skills and was constantly inspiring her to be a hair stylist. At the age of 17, Lilian finally decided to fulfil her dreams of being a stylist and that was when her hairdressing journey began. Now, equipped with 13 years of experience Lilian never fails to give the perfect haircut. Her aim is to always make sure that her haircuts stays in shape even with constant hair growth, and create manageable, fuss-free hair for her clients. Lilian feels that being a hairstylist is so much more than just cutting hair. She feels that it is a service that brings confidence to the world, and said that whenever a client leaves the salon feeling happy and confident, it helps to make her more confident too. Lilian also loves to do styling, hair colouring and perm because she feels that it creates dimensions and brings life to the hair. Lilian added, "My job is to make people beautiful, I love my job and I wouldn't trade it for anything else."

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