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Reviving damaged hair caused by perm

Jade Yeoh, a bride-to-be, was moving forward into a wedding shoot and wanted to do up her hair with a nice perm. Read on for more of her personal hair story.


"I actually went to another salon to get my hair permed, and I wasn’t suppose to perm my hair because my hair is bleached, and I went to get it permed. So the first time the perm didn’t work out, and then I went back for a second perm. So my hair now, after bleaching and perming twice, it is very dry and damaged. I had a very hard time managing it and every morning I look like a lion! After I bathe, it is very difficult for my hair to be blowed dry and I have to apply a lot of oil to make it look tame! So I hope that mi the salon can help me save my hair so I don’t have to keep looking like a lion especially when I go out for work!"


After a personalised hair assessment and consultation with senior stylist Timothy, our goal was to improve her hair texture which was damaged from multiple perms, and achieve healthy looking, shiny hair. This was made possible with our best selling Korean Gloss Anti Frizz Treatment and Modern Balayage service - using color tones that complement her skin.


"Omg I just washed my hair ytd evening and it’s really really smooth. It’s like hair rebirth. Anyway, from the frizzy melted hair I had from the damage of the perm, it is now a lot more smoother, the frizz is mostly gone, and I can comb my hair easily. It is also super manageable! I don’t have to tame my lion Mess in the morning today! Really happy about it. Many thanks to mi the salon, Timothy and team for making it possible.

The colour of my hair is definitely nicer as compared to before! Previously my hair was a lot brighter and very frizzy, and the light colours made my hair look even more bombastic! I feel that the stylist did a very good job for my hair, it is darker and it fits to my skin tone! It’s is much more manageable and smooth! I looks so smooth and it feels like that as well!"

Caught in the same hair situation as Jade? Hope is not lost!

Book in for a free and non obligatory consultation with our experts and allow us to help bring your hair back to life!

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