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Busting the Myth: Is Short Hair For Everyone? 90’s Trend Is Back! (Lian He Zao Bao Interview with Di

Article translated from Lian He Zao Bao; text may be altered and differ slightly due to translation*

Today we got upclose and intimate with this interview between our Director, Gary Chew and Lian He Zao Bao.

Read on to uncover the secrets to short hair and rocking the latest hair trends in 2018!


How many times have we convince ourselves that our face shape simply wouldn’t suit the extremity of short hair? But what if there’s a way to enhance and look slimmer with short hair? Director and brain behind leading salons, Salon Vim and Mi The Salon, Gary Chew, shares his 25 years expertise and view of rocking the latest short hairstyles and embracing the 90s look.

Hollywood stars have been seen sporting short hair - with the likes of pop-singer Katy Perry and actress-singer Vanessa Hudgens. Although the thought of cutting your long locks away seems daunting, Gary believes that it exudes both confidence and personality. Females sporting short hair on the streets tend to capture his attention more and he notes that short hair is actually very versatile.

'Donning short hair may appear chic and fierce at times;

but they can be very feminine and sweet too. '

It is a common notion for people to treat long hair as their safety net and hide behind it; but short hair does not just favour and appeal only to people with smaller faces. By making small adjustments; hair can be contoured to frame the face and enhance your features. Comparatively, short hair is easier to manage in terms of washing and blowdrying than long hair. The downside is that it requires a trim within 6 to 8 weeks; while long hair may last up to 3 months. Many people may feel that they are not suitable for short hair, but Gary claims otherwise.

'We often aim to create an illusion of creating thicker hair to illustrate a smaller face.

For those with square faces, it is advisable to curl from the top; while

rounder faces may wish to curl only at the bottom instead.’

Recently, many Singaporeans have been trying to achieve the famed 'air-bangs' look from Korea but fail to do so. The reason behind it is actually very simple - due to Singapore’s humidity. Instead, Gary offers a unique cutting style to help customers achieve the look in a slightly different fashion to cater to Singaporeans while contouring the face shape.

The Rise of Metallic Hair and Popular Short Hairstyles

Metallic hair colour tones have been on the rise since last year. From a luscious shade of ash blonde to a mystique ash gray shade - Gary believes that the trend is here to stay. The versatility of short hair spans across the pixie hair cut, bob, long pixie to a concave bob like Victoria Beckham's. A pixie bob allows features to stand out and gives an air of confidence that is very appealing.

'There have been return customers who found the courage to rock shorter pixie

cuts after trying out longer pixie cuts. Trends are often brutal and not meant to

cater to anyone. Instead we can choose to adjust and modify it to different face shapes.'

Welcoming the 90s look with Centre Parting and Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs is a style where the fringe is cut above the eyebrow and is a distinct look itself. Gary advices that blunt bangs does not need to be cut too short or it will appear nerdy. The height should be just an inch above the eyebrows. This is a hairstyle that would only cater to younger people and for those with more outstanding features. It is a very high maintenance look that requires a trim within 2 weeks. Center parting may be reminiscent of the 90s, but this is a hairstyles that is great for contouring your face and especially great for those with a shorter face length as it elongates the face.

Time to rock your favourite short hairstyle with confidence at Mi The Salon now!


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